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Where no job is too big or too small to be undertaken and professional managed with fair pricing, simple set up and trusted team dedicated to your payroll needs.

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0203 962 4212

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Our umbrella services are designed to ensure that you get the best possible fit for each contract you undertake.

We operate as an employer of contractors, providing them with all the securities associated with employment whilst also simplifying their tax affairs by enabling them to pay tax through the PAYE system and receive their net retention directly into their personal bank account.

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If you experience any difficulties completing the Registration Form or the Expense Form please contact our customer support.

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FAQS & Help

How do I register with Optimum Pay?

In order for you register with Optimum Pay you will need to fill out the Registration form and sign in the bottom field

What if I don't have a P45?

If you do not have a P45 then you should ensure that you complete the “your present circumstances” section of our application form. This will ensure that we deduct the correct amount of tax from your salary. Please note failure to provide a P45 and /or complete the ‘your present circumstance section’ of our Application Form may lead to delays in the payment of your salary.

What happens when I stop working?

Once your relevant assignment has come to an end, or you decide that you no longer require our services, then you can just contact one of our umbrella team by email or over the phone and they will and send out your P45.

How do I access the online portal?

Following your registration with Optimum Pay, you will receive a separate link to activate your online account and to provide a password.

What ID / documentation do I require to join Optimum Pay?

In order to register with Optimum Pay you will be required to provide us with the following documentation:
Valid Passport / National Identity Card (permission to work in UK)

Full Birth Certificate/ Full Adoption Certificate with proof of National Insurance Number


Who is 'the client' detailed within the application form?

The agency you are working for is Optimum Pay’s client.

Who is my employer?

Working through our Umbrella company you will be employed by Optimum Pay on a overarching contract of employment for any assignments undertaken.

Who is Employers NIC acounted for?

As you are an employee of Optimum Pay, we incur employment costs which are deducted out of the contract price paid to us by our client. We have to pay HMRC Employers National Insurance at 13.8% of your taxable earnings (Basic Pay, Bonuses and Holiday Pay) when they are over the lower earnings limit. The contract price is adjusted to take into account this fact and once all costs are deducted, any remaining profit will be paid to you as a bonus.

Expense Form

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CIS Registration

To register with Optimum CIS please click on the button below:

Our umbrella services are designed to ensure that you get the best possible fit for each contract you undertake.

A limited company might be your most tax-efficient option if you’re earning more than £15 per hour and contracting for the longer term.

With the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) it means that the contractors will need to be engaged on a self-employed basis.


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