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We’ve been crowned the best Payroll and Financial Servicing Provider 2019!

We are thrilled to announce that we have won the award for Best Payroll & Financing Services Provider 2019 at the Northern Enterprise Awards!

This award celebrates the dedication and industriousness of our business, so we are extremely proud that our commitment to providing an exceptional standard of service and support to our clients has been recognised in our new home, the North of England.

Following our relocation to Cheshire, it is hoped that this award will generate increased regional brand awareness across the North of England and encourage new businesses to get in touch!

Commenting on the success of all 2019 award winners in the article; “SME News Announces the Winners of the 2019 Northern Enterprise Awards”, Edward Faulkner, Award Coordinator noted:  “With a dominant offering in the service sector and business start-up environment, businesses in the north are clearly worthy of commendation and recognition. It is with great pride that I showcase the best of the best from across the region through this awards programme. Congratulations to all of my winners, I look forward to hearing about your future success.”

Our aim for the rest of 2019 and beyond is to continue the phenomenal growth that our business has experienced over the past 2 years. This acknowledgement certainly showcases that we are the go-to, award winning team in our sector, so we are sure that this goal will be fulfilled!